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What's Inside?
Find out what's available at The Little Town Of Play
Benefits of Roleplay
Find out about all the amazing benefits
that roleplay has for your child's development
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Coronavirus COVID-19

Welcome back to The Little Town of Play!

Please see our updated COVID Secure T&C’s to help keep everyone safe.

Please follow us on social media for regular updates.

why the little town of play?

Children love to pretend; the educational and social benefits of imagination role play are widely acknowledged by experts.

Our small town has 11 areas for your children to explore filled with amazing equipment, toys and dress up to start your child’s dreaming. We run pre-defined play sessions with a pre-defined number of spaces so all children get to enjoy our small town and receive all the benefits we have to offer. We close for a tiny amount of time to re set our small town so the next group of dream seekers will not know anyone else has been. We do advise that you book online with us, however, you are more than welcome to knock on the door but please be aware we may not have space for you on that session. Jump to the bookings page to see more details.

We can not wait to meet you and see your dreams.

What's Inside?

We all know children love dressing up and becoming someone new, hopefully, there are plenty of roles for your children to discover and try out! There’s something for everyone and hopefully some things they and you may not have even thought about!

Pet Clinic


Fire Station


School Room

Ice Cream Van

BBQ Area

Picnic Area

City Farm



Builders Yard

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